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I love health and fitness! Health and fitness has changed me as a person, and has changed my outlook of life. I feel more confident, I feel healthier, I feel stronger, and I feel like ME. I want to share my passion with you. I will blog about health tips, recipes, new health and fitness trends, and as well, Candid with Chirssy (sharing my highs, lows, loves, hates and everything else).  

I also belive in CLEAN EATINGClean eating is about fueling your body appropriately with the foods your body needs. This means getting enough vitamins, protein, minerals and natural energy. Also, its about getting enough calories to allow your body to work at its best. Making healthier choices in the kitchen, as well as making smarter choices when dining out with family and friends. 

Weight Lifting

I love weightlifting. I’ve been hitting the weights for at least 5 years now. I’m an avid LEG DAY lover, and I love to train legs. I love the feeling after a workout. I love the motivation and commitment I see at the gym with my fellow gym friends. I love the feeling of satisfaction after every single workout not matter what. I have gained CONFIDENCE and SELF LOVE from weightlifting and its a huge passion of mine. 


By definitioin accountability is the quality or state of being accountable; an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility of account for ones actions. It’s so important to follow your goals and stick to them to make them habits. YES its hard to stay motived, and I understand that.  That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people who strive for the same goals and way of life. Fall in love with taking care of yourself and being focused on you.

Hire Me

The secret to making positive changes starts with YOU. I want to teach you life long tips to help you reach life long health and fitness goals. 

No matter how small or large of a goal I’m here to provide a positive space. If your looking to add some positive vibes in your life I’m your gal.  Lets gain some confidence, gain knowledge, grow from the inside out, and learn new healthy attainable habits.  

I will work with you one-on- one to help identify and attain your short and long term goals. My personal online private coaching allows us to work together to result in positive changes. Let’s attain a positive outlook on life, resulting in changes in YOU, your career, relationships and self-worth.

Email me about your goals and we can make a plan together chrisfuramartin@gmail.com

Working one on one can help you stay focused and motivated. We can identify and attain your biggest goals together. My online private coaching results in amazing changes in one’s self. My  personlized plans include daily accountability messages, personalized meal plan suggestions, personalized work out routines, weekly one on one meetings, and just a positive and supportive enviorment. 

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