Chrissy’s Top Picks for June 2017

What do I use on a daily or weekly basis? Monthly I will be posting 3 of my top picks that are health and fitness products. I want to share with you what I enjoy, and items that you should think about splurging on. Here are 3 items that I use that make my health and fitness blossom.

Jaxx FitPak Meal Prep Tote Bag:

I’m a huge fan of meal prep bags, and my husband and I have been using one specifically for 2 years now. We use the Jaxx Fitpak meal prep bags for everyday use for work, mine in pink my husbands in red. I believe in being prepared for success, and these bags have been amazing.

My new obsession is the Meal Prep Tote bag and is one of my June’s top picks. Mine is in this beautiful aqua color and it has 2 separate compartments with a shoulder strap. This bag makes my life so easy for long weekends. When I travel for the weekend to visit family, prepping for a show or just to visit some friends I always bring my meals with me. This tote is the perfect size. It allows me to hold my leak-proof containers with an insulated PEVA lining in a separate location on the bottom, and the top I use for my other essentials such as my spare set of workout clothes, workout gloves, and ankle straps. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Also, there is a great slot for my 28oz shaker cup so I can enjoy my protein shakes and keep track of my water consumption. This bag is great, and essential to me for long weekends.

What I love about this company. They design their bags with both fashion and function in mind, for both men and women. The quality is great, and my husband and I have used our lunch bag for 2 years every day for work with no issues. The containers are great, being completely BPA free, and makes meal prep easier. Fit and Fresh makes me look good but makes me feel great knowing I’m staying on track with my healthy eating goals. AND, they are from my home state Rhode Island, dedicating to manufacturing and distributing their great products to the public.

Neck Wrap Cool Downz

Cool Downz neck wraps are a new find for me and is one of my monthly top picks. So many times I’m sure you have been out in the hot sun and just can’t seem to cool down, but wait there is a solution !! Cool Downz are one of the most popular neck coolers with millions sold worldwide.

What you do is put your bandanna in water and the cooling gels inflate and stay cool. They are also safe and reusable for you since it’s made with a natural gel/crystals, and have multiple benefits such as avoiding dehydration, beat the heat, relieve stress, fever, and perfect for sports or staying active. This bandana is basically like having your own personal air conditioner. They also come in many different colors and are fun to wear around.

Chocolate Almond Peanut Butter (Nuts-n-More)

You can never go wrong with a high protein and chocolate flavored peanut butter, and this one from Nuts-n-more is one of my top choices for this month. I love taking peanut butter and adding it to no salt rice cakes, blending it in my shakes, adding it to my oatmeal or just having a serving right off the spoon.
You may have heard of this company since they were on the Shark Tank a couple years back. They started 5 years ago in the back of their families small bakery shop when they were trying to find healthy alternatives to add more protein into there meals. They incorporate whey protein isolate in their products and after sampling a few, the Chocolate Almond was one of my favorites and one of my splurges of the month.






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