Protein Shakes- Why I Supplement Them in My Diet?

Today protein shakes and powder supplements are seen everywhere and are very accessible to the public. Understanding the importance and nutrition of protein shakes is important for your growing health and fitness goals.

In the past, protein shakes were consumed by the typical male body builders and in today’s market they are seen everywhere. There are many smoothie shops that offer a protein shake, shakes at the gym, grocery store, convenient stores, Walmart, Target, and even vending machines. There are multiple options everywhere and it can be overwhelming, but the question is why has this become such a huge part of the fitness industry?

Protein shakes when utilized appropriately can amplify your health and fitness routine. There are many benefits, and some include: convenience, an influx of protein in one meal, low in calories and sugar, as well as easy to add to meals for flavor.


Our lives are hectic and time is of the essence. Being able to consume a meal fast and on the go is very important to most of us, and being able to drink one is easy. A lot of people will substitute a whole meal with a protein shake blended with some fruit, yogurt, veggies, seeds, almond milk, ect. Pinterest is one of my favorite places to go to find new protein shake recipes. The combinations are endless, so its easy to change up your meals without getting tired of the same thing. Most people I know tend to supplement there breakfast with a blended protein shake as their morning meal. Nothing is better than a nice blended protein smoothie drink full of nutrients to keep you full for hours. Also, a protein shake will allow you to have a low-calorie meal instead of going for a more dense meal with increased calories.

In our society everything seems to flash before our eyes. Sometimes we forget to pack breakfast or lunch and being able to have convenience in our life saves lots of time and frustration. You can make your shake the night before, or blend it fresh in the morning. I enjoy blending my protein shakes with ice, 1/2 banana, 1 scoop of whey protein and water/almond milk. Nothing is better then a refreshing smoothie that keeps you full, and knowing you just provided your body with a very nutritious healthy meal.

Protein Content:

Protein is essential to building muscle and strength in our bodies, and I strive to consume protein in every meal. Our bodies take the protein we eat and converts it to build and repair tissues in our bodies. Protein is important to every cell in our body, including its functions of being a building block of bones, muscles, skin, and blood. Our bodies do not store protein, which means if there is a shortage of protein in our bodies there’s nowhere to pull it from. So it’s important to consume enough protein to allow your body to have enough resources to build and repair muscle. But remember you want to consume the recommended amount, and having too much does not increase health benefits.

Frank Hu, MD, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition at Harvard University School of Public Health in Boston concluded after reviewing multiple studies that “There is some evidence that high-protein diets induce great fat loss,” and on average weight loss was 4.5lbs higher in a 6month time period.

Low Calorie, Carbohydrate, and Sugar Content:

It’s beneficial to have a meal that is low in calories, carbohydrates and sugar and a protein shake can be that option. The higher protein content helps keep you full, which helps you stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

There are so many protein powders on the market and it’s important to read the nutritional label and keep an eye out for calories, carbohydrates, and sugar. It is also very important to follow your doctor’s recommendation before starting a new protein regiment. My suggestion is to always read the nutritional label as many can hide higher sugar, and calorie counts. If you plan on blending your shake with some fruit or veggies it’s important to choose a powder that is lower in sugar. There are many out in the market that has 1 gram or less of sugar, so make sure to accommodate that in your nutritional plan. Some of my personal favorite protein powders are CTD Isolicious (coco flavor), Rival Whey (chocolate), and Lean Shake (cookies and cream).

Another factor you need to take when purchasing protein shakes is reading the labels appropriately due to sales gimmicks. There are many sales tactics out there that try to say low calorie or low carbohydrates, but then they trick you with the high sugar content. I prefer to blend my own shakes then purchasing one from the store. The amount of sugar content is much more important then the calories of the shake, and you want to avoid high sugar foods. Here are some examples of premade protein shakes or powders you can find at your local stores.

Awesome Protein Recipes:

There is so much you can do with protein powder, and finding ways to cook with it has been one of my favorites. Here are a few recipes that I have enjoyed creating while implementing some extra protein.

Protein Muffins:

OMG protein muffins are one of my absolutely favorite snacks. I always get excited to make these, and so does my husband and friends. They are very easy to make and are always moist and delicious. There a great asset to your day and it’s packed with protein and other great nutrients.

This is a very simple healthy muffin recipe that’s high in protein and has a very short prep time. In all, it takes about 30 min max to complete this healthy snack.  I must admit some of my baking ventures have not been great and was a miss, but the hubby just ate 2 of them and said; “Truthfully, this was the best-tasting thing you have made with protein shake mix.” SUCCESS!!! The recipe can be found HERE. You can substitute the protein powder with any of your choosing.

Protein Mug Cake:

I love mug cakes!  They are so fast and easy to make, and it’s a great way to help with any chocolate craving. Here is a great recipe that I have made multiple times, and I recommend this one HERE . Mug cakes are super convenient and full of protein. This one is 1 scoop of protein powder (I like chocolate the best), coconut flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, an egg, milk (I enjoy almond milk), and chocolate/peanut butter baking chips.

Black Bean Protein Brownies:

I’m excited to share this 5 step healthy black bean brownie recipe with you and provide everyone a healthy option for dessert. This chocolate dessert is also husband approved, which proves it is delicious. Eating healthy doesn’t mean it has to be boring or tasteless. This black bean brownie option is flavorful and flour-less. What’s also great, is that a cup of black beans is about half the calories than a cup of flour. And you can’t go wrong when you add more protein into your dessert to help keep you full. Full article can be found HERE.

Healthy Black Bean Brownie Recipe

Protein Eggs:

I love eggs, and I love chocolate, so protein eggs are something that I have daily. My favorite combination for breakfast is 5 egg whites, a splash of almond milk, 1/4 scoop of Coco Isolicious ( – my discount code at check out is CTDchristine30)  and cooked with nonstick spray. Then I nicely fold my eggs with a spatula to create nice fluffy eggs. After my eggs are cooked, I sprinkle some cinnamon on top. Delicious !

10 Best Protein Filled Foods


I hope this article helps clarify what protein shakes and protein powders do and why its something that I consume daily. Its a great way to stay full, get many nutrients in one dense meal and the convenience of time. It is very important to understand the importance and nutritional value of protein shakes to obtain your personal health and fitness goals.

Let me help you reach new health and fitness goals with my personal suggested meal plans, suggested work out routines, and daily messages of motivation and accountability. Email me, or sign up under my online store. Have an amazing day !!  AND thank you for reading.