Chrissy’s Top Picks for July 2017

What do I use on a daily or weekly basis? Monthly I will be posting 3 of my favorite health and fitness products. I want to share with you what I enjoy, and items that you should think about splurging on. Here are 3 items that I am showcasing that help benefit my  fitness and healthy lifestyle.  My 3 picks for the month of July 2017 are: sparkling water, sugar free jelly, and foam rollers.

Sparkling Water


OMG new obsession for sure. I’m all about drinking at least 120 oz of water a day, and yes that can be hard. BUT not as hard as you think until now. One of my new finds is sparkling water, and Fuji Apple is one of my personal favorite flavors. Fuji Apple tastes just like I’m eating the real thing, and smells delicious. I find my sparkling water at Walmart, and Clear American is the brand I personally purchase. You can find it easily in the water aisle, and there are so many flavors. Of course, you can find other brands at your local grocery store so keep an eye out.

What’s also great, is if you crave a carbonated drink, this will definitely help your cravings. Also, Clear American is 0 sugars, caffeine, calories, and sodium. This drink is guilt free, and tastes amazing!

Drinking water never tasted so good, and I LOVE the taste of my local Walmart’s brand Clear American. You MUST give this a try and you will be very impressed. Also its very reasonably priced ($.68 at my local Walmart). A great, cheap, and healthy splurge.

Polaner Sugar-Free Jelly

Another great find I have found at my local Job Lot was Polaner Sugar-Free jelly. All I can say is WOW. I forgot how much I missed peanut butter and jelly, and when I put it on a rice cake it’s a totally guilt free dessert. I purchased the blueberry version which is 0 sugar, fat and sodium and is only 10 calories per serving. They have multiple flavors such as strawberry and raspberry.

Polaner jellies are sweetened with fruit juice, and Splenda and is also gluten free. Some great ideas how to utilize jelly is on a piece of whole wheat toast or Ezekiel bread, on top of protein pancakes, or a blended in a protein shake. When your craving something sweet, this is a great way to help curb the craving.

Foam Roller

I am totally guilty that I only started using a foam roller, and it has changed my life for the better. It’s so important to stretch after a workout and spend the 5-10 minutes post workout for the many benefits. You put so much time into your workouts, and lifting that its so important to not skip this step.

There are so many different foam rollers on the market, so you want to choose one that best fits your needs. Its important to read the label and decide which foam roller will best suit you.  What’s great is that they are very reasonably priced, and can be found almost anywhere. The benefits of utilizing a foam roller after your work outs are: injury prevention, increased circulation, core strengthening, training recover, stress reduction,spinal and joint mobility, flexibility, and reduced soreness.

The one I decided to purchase was the Zimtown Gym Yoga Roller . I chose this one since it was very reasonably priced, light, comes in purple (haha) and easy to store. It’s a great option with grooves for comfortable use and its made from non-toxic foam. If you don’t have a foam roller, this is something I would purchase for the many health benefits.