Chrissy’s Favorites for January 2018

OMG, it’s 2018!! The year has flown by and it was a great 2017. This year has shown me how strong I am and how my healthy habits have made me feel more confident. Health and fitness is how it makes you feel, not what others think it “should” be. It’s about YOU. Prove to yourself you are capable of anything. Here are my monthly favorite health and fitness items for the month of January. Here is what I use to help me attain my health and fitness goals. Today I will discuss a support weight belt for lifting, garlic shredder, and walnuts.

Harbinger Nylon Weight Belt:

I love a great leg day. My leg days have gotten even better now with the Harbinger Nylon weight belt. I enjoy lifting heavy and form is so important. This protects my back and is ideal for deadlifts and squats. Also, it comes in different colors, and I use the purple which is my favorite color.

This belt is light, flexible with a 5″ wide support panel which is designed for women. It’s very comfortable and supportive. I was amazed by the difference of decreased stress on my back with the use of the belt. Even putting back 45lb plates on the rack felt supportive. The belt allows full range of motion for weightlifting to help complete your workouts. Make heavy lifting safe!!

Garlic Shredder-Blubucket


If you’re in the need to spice up your dishes and try this fun trinket. The garlic shredder from Blubucket!!! If you love garlic, which who doesn’t, you will love this. How much do you hate having to chop up your garlic and end up with sticky hands? This is the trinket for you. You take your garlic and place it inside the closure and roll the device back and forth. It chops so finely its great !!! Also an added benefit of the way it cuts the garlic it helps retain the natural oils for optimum flavor. Its super easy and fun to use and you will be amazed how it spices up your dishes.

Walnuts (shelled)


I love walnuts. Walnuts are a great source of healthy fats. I always try to make sure to get a serving of good fats in my diet, especially as a woman. It’s also a convenient snack on the go.

It’s very important to follow the serving sizes as for most its 1/4 cup. Its easy to be fooled with trail mixes that are in smaller packing to only find its 2 or more servings. So always be aware of your nutrition labels. Walnuts are one of the oldest known tree foods which date back to 10,000BC. Most of the USA walnut crop is from California and harvested once a year between September and November. Walnuts have multiple nutritional benefits and are well known for their omega-3 fatty acid contents.



I hope you enjoyed Januarys post of my favorite things of the month. I wish you an amazing 2018! Be focused, determined, and persistent.

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