New to the Gym? Here are 3 of my Pet Peeves.


Yay for 2018 and new health and fitness goals!! It’s the month of new years resolutions and this is my personal reminder to you to stay focused and be persistent. If your new to the gym it can be very intimidating to start a new fitness routine. In the months of January and February, the gym is very packed and there will be more eyes on you. So here are 3 mistakes to avoid when you’re new to the gym and some of my personal pet peeves.

Pet Peeve Number 1:

Obviously, when we work out we sweat. Duh! So this is a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how often I see this. Its a pet peeve of mine and any gym goer. When I’m at the gym, I’m focused and in my own world. When I go to a bench or a piece of equipment I don’t want to see your head sweat print that you left. YUCK! So anytime you use a piece of equipment you should wipe it down. There is always plenty of stations at any gym with paper towel and disinfectant that you can use to wipe down the machines.

The same thing goes with handles of equipment. For example the stair master railings or the chest fly machine. Its so easy to catch anything these days, especially when the gym is now increased in capacity. Always wipe down the machine handles. I don’t want to get sick, catch a cold or even the flu. So, please wipe down any handles. Let’s not swap germs haha.

From a study done by and here are some of the there results that they discovered. found that on average on most gym equipment there was more than 1 million bacteria colony forming units per square inch. They tested 3 types of bacteria, gram-positive cocci, gram-negative rods and gram-positive rods. So as you can see its very important to wipe down equipment after using it. Also its very important to wash your hands thoroughly after your work out is complete.

Pet Peeve Number 2:

You go to the gym to work out right??? So don’t forget to put back the weights you grab off the weight racks. If you can pick it up you can place it back to its home in the correct spot. Its very frustrating when going to the gym and you are going to the weight racks and, one a bunch of weights are missing, or two there all in wrong spots.

Yes, I understand its the gym staffs job to keep the place clean. We are all adults and we know how to put things back in its correct place. I’m guilty of taking a couple different weights and keeping it in one location while I do my work out. But if I’m not using those weights during a circuit I put them back. It’s common courtesy.

We all go to the gym to reach health and fitness goals. Let’s not be lazy and let’s be courteous.

Pet Peeve Number 3:

One benefit to working out at the gym is getting the motivation from others. For me working out with other like-minded people pushes me to work out harder. We all motivate each other which is a great positive. A huge mistake is going to the gym for a social hour. OMG. Tototl pet peeve. Or when people are texting the WHOLE time. If your on a machine that I want to use and your just using it to sit on to text I will go up to you and ask you if your all set.

I have my gym friends and it’s very motivating to see the same people there who are just as committed as myself. I love to say hi, give a high five, hear your new goals, talk about how amazing our cheat meals were, wish you a happy new year etc, but I don’t want to have a full-on conversation. I put my headphones on, listen to Pandora, my current station being Hollywood Undead Radio, and get that awesome work out in.

I go to the gym to work out. I love the atmosphere, I love the dedication, I love seeing the progress everyone is making, and I love being around people. Remember people, it’s not Jaw Day.

I hope you all enjoyed my 3 pet peeves at the gym!!! I encourage you all to push yourself and do your best to reach your health and fitness goals. Be persistent and don’t be afraid to try new things. Each small step is a step in the right direction.



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