Choosing the Best Carbohydrates: The Good and the Bad.

There are plenty of good reasons to eat healthy carbohydrates. Like most things in the “diet” world, carbohydrates got a bad rep. Many times you hear of diets that take away all carbohydrates or you maintain a low carbohydrate diet. Our bodies all act independently so for one person a low carbohydrate diet may work, while another will need a high carbohydrate diet to maintain a healthy body and fitness lifestyle.

Obviously, there are many bad carbohydrates out there. For example, white bread, bagels, and muffins which break down into sugar which then leads to increased weight gain.

What are Carbohydrates:

Carbohydrates are one of the most important sources or energy for our bodies and are one of the main types of nutrients. When we consume food our bodies break down the food source. Our bodies break down carbohydrates into sugar (in the blood) and we use this sugar for energy. When we eat excessive amounts of carbohydrates the sugar is stored in our liver until the energy is needed.

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Two Types of Carbohydrates:

There are two types of carbohydrates we can eat, SIMPLE and COMPLEX. Simple carbohydrates are made up of short molecule chains while complex is longer molecule chains. Simple carbohydrates are your high sugary items that break down fast into your bloodstream. Complex carbohydrates are much harder to break down since they are larger chains of molecules which leads to a slower breakdown. We want to consume the slower processing molecules of the two, which is complex carbohydrates.

Benefits of Good Carbohydrates:

There are so many GREAT carbohydrates out there. When eating good carbohydrates they benefit your body by increasing energy, regulating our brains, and regulating our bodies. You will also hear the term “complex carbohydrates” which are the healthier carbohydrates we can consume. These complex carbohydrates contain a long chain of sugar molecules which then results in our bodies taking longer to break down. This also helps maintain a better metabolism. Complex carbohydrates are also great to maintain your digestive health.

Complex carbohydrates equate to increased energy and keeping you fuller longer. Good carbohydrates give us the long-lasting energy we need, and I will suggest its great before a hard workout.

Healthy Carbohydrate Examples:

-Sweet Potatoes

-Brown Rice

-Whole Wheat Pasta


-Greek Yogurt

Bad Carbohydrates Examples:


-White Bread

-Energy Drinks
-Boxed/Wrapped Bars
-High-Calorie Items

Conclusion about Healthy and Bad Carbohydrates:

There are two types of carbohydrates out there, simple and complex. Keep in mind anything grown, or natural is more likely a healthy carbohydrate or a complex carbohydrate. Healthy carbohydrates provide energy and increase your metabolism. This will result in weight loss and increased energy.

Anything from a box is processed or high in sugar you want to avoid. Bad carbohydrates or simple carbohydrates can be associated with obesity and metabolism problems.

The best advise I can give is to include complex or healthy carbohydrates in your diet to obtain all the great benefits. Also, always listen to your bodies, they are the best answer to most of your questions of how you respond to certain foods.









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