Fit Chrissy’s Food Review: B. Good: Food with Roots

Going out to eat and finding a healthy alternative can be really hard. In Chrissy’s Food Reviews, I’m sharing my personal experiences, the good, the bad, the healthy and unhealthy.

My first Chrissy’s Food Review is B. Good: Food with Roots. I discovered this restaurant/takeout location from a co-worker who is vegan. She always finds the coolest places around and she has eaten from here many times.


B. Good is a chain restaurant with locations in CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NC, PA, RI, VA, VT, Canada, Germany and Switzerland. B. Good believes in providing better quality food to create a better life. They hand select the ingredients to enhance the buyer’s experience and its abundance of flavors. What I also love about this restaurant is they will post where they purchase their local foods for each location. Its great to see a company buying local and fresh.

Another great option with this restaurant is that you can order online and pick up at there location. So if your on the go and want something fast this is an awesome healthy option. No more excuses with time, and going through a drive through to get fast foot.

I have eaten here on several occasions and I’m always pleased with my meal. The dish I will be posting is one of my favorites. This dish is the Harvest Kale Salad with a veggie burger on top. Its like ordering fast food but your body thanks you after eating this.

Of course you can always omit and add things to your meals. For me i try to stay away from cheese, so I omit the cheese. The kale is always very tasty, the brussels sprouts are grilled perfect, the seeds add great texture, the squash is delicious, and of course the Veggie Burger is very flavorful. I actually eat the salad with no dressing since its so flavorful. Now remember a lot of times dressings on salads or any dish for that matter can add calories up fast, so always read your labels.


Overall, I give B. Good a great review for there healthy delicious options. I always leave happy and I am pleased with my meal. Its very time efficient, they allow you to order online or by phone and all you to customize your meals. Make sure if your in a time crunch you make the best healthy decision for you.



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