Not Living an Active Lifestyle? There are Some Risks.

What do I mean by an inactive lifestyle? This means if your spending more time watching tv, sitting on the couch, playing video games, or sitting at a computer all day.

It’s so important on many levels, not just physical appearance but internal functions, to live an active lifestyle. I’m a firm believer that any exercise is exercise.

Taking the effort and time to park further away from an entrance, walking your dog, walking the mall, hiking, going for a bike ride, going for a lifting session, anything that your body is moving and expending energy is very important.

How Being Inactive Affects our Bodies:

We lose muscle strength and endurance. I’m sure you have heard the term if you don’t use it you lose it. This is so very true. Our muscles will start to lose function and strength if we don’t use them for periods of time. Now don’t forget this also includes a very important organ, our heart.

You will burn a lot fewer calories if you’re not moving and being active. A big mistake people make is when they do become inactive is they continue to consume the same amount of calories they did previously, which leads to weight gain.

Our lovely metabolism can definitely be affected by a less active lifestyle. When we are not moving, we are not burning and breaking down fats and sugars to be used for energy. This leads to our bodies to store more fats and sugars which leads to weight gain.

Ultimately an inactive lifestyle leads to obesity which affects many other functions of our bodies.  It can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis and even depression.

What Steps Can You Take to be More Active:

I suggest scheduling some time for you. This could mean committing to exercise, physical activities, gym, or walking. I am a firm believer of adding scheduled actives in your planner and sticking to them like a doctors appointment.

Have a friend be apart of your new physical activity. It’s great to have the accountability of another person to keep each other in check and stick to your goals.

Make plans to go out and be active. You could go to the mall and walk around. You could take your dog for a walk. You could meet a friend for coffee and park far away. You could take the stairs instead of the elevator. You could go to a museum. You could go grocery shopping.

Make small short-term goals. This is very important. You want to make sure you make attainable goals. The worst thing you can do is have this HUGE goal that you can never attain which just wrecks your spirits. We never want you to give up. We want you to be successful.

Another great tool you can utilize is a fitness tracker. I personally use the Polar 360 which I love. What’s great with this tracker is my device will vibrate when its time to move when I’ve been sitting around for too long. It also keeps me motivated and keeps me focused to reach small personal goals I created for myself.


It’s so important to keep our bodies moving and active. We benefit from this in many ways including bettering our internal health and our physical health. It helps decrease obesity, heart problems, diabetes, cholesterol problems, stamina, energy, and overall well being. Let’s get up, keep moving and always remember to CHOOSE YOU and to better yourself.









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