Healthy Options: Sushi Review: Asian Ginger, Foxboro Massachusetts

I love a great healthy option out, don’t you??? I want to be able to enjoy a great meal but not feel guilty after.

I had a great time here with my friend, and fellow fitness competitor and health/fitness lover this weekend. We actually met at a NPC competition last year and we always make time to meet up and catch up. Totally bonded after that very hard yet rewarding experience. I love being able to spend time with like-minded people who share the same passions. Don’t forget to follow her on IG: yourstrulyjulie .

Now if you know me well you know I love sushi, and what I love more than just sushi is ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI. I was quite sad to find out when I moved back to Rhode Island that there is not 1 all you can eat sushi place. My husband and I were very sad about that. But what I did find is one not far at all and that’s in Foxboro Massachusetts for all my fellow Rhode Island’ers.

Going out to eat and finding a healthy alternative can be really tough and of course, there is always temptations when going out. In Chrissy’s Food Reviews, I’m sharing my personal experiences, the good, the bad, the healthy and unhealthy.

My Next Chrissy’s Food Review is Asian Ginger. And yes this is all you can eat (so this definitely got added bonus points). I discovered this restaurant/takeout location about 1 year ago and I have been on multiple occasions. And for you RI’ers it’s not that far of a drive I promise.

Asian Ginger is a great atmosphere. Every time I go there I’m always greeted with there lovely attentive staff. They have a very large menu for sushi which is great, and this also includes appetizers. The rolls are a great size, not too much rice, and plenty of fish/avocado/veggies. I’ve always had a great experience there. They are very speedy as well. I never have to wait long to be greeted by waitstaff, get a refill of water, or have to wait long for my food. My food is always fresh and delicious.

With any food that you get make sure that your not tempted to get all the fried food. Try to limit tempura since its fried, or anything with cheese in the roll. Some places do offer brown rice as well so that’s another option you can look for. I try to start off with a healthy app like edamame, or seaweed salad. Then I always  make sure to be taking sips of water between bites. For me as well, I don’t even use any soy sauce. I just put a little wasabi on every roll and its delicious. Again with anything, its all moderation. I enjoy sushi, so when I do go I will splurge a little.

Here is there all you can eat menu:

What I also love about there menu is they include which rolls are cooked or raw. So this is very helpful when choosing sushi rolls. They also provide you a menu if you want to see what’s in the specialty rolls. What I love is that since its all you can eat you get to try rolls that you would never have thought to try.

Overall, the dining area is always clean, the wait staff is very friendly and attentive, the sushi is good, and it’s a great option to eat while being healthy. I totally recommend if you’re in the area to check this place out.

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Asian Ginger: 70 Central Street, Foxboro Massachusetts.
Phone: (508) 698-3333 


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