Getting the Munchies? Here are my Choices for Healthy Snacks.

I am a huge snacker! I will be good all day at work with my packed and prepped lunches. But as soon as I get home is when I want to snack. How about you?

After a long day of work, gym, and life responsibilities, I most enjoy relaxing on the couch and watching some TV.  My current series search on the firestick: Total Bellas (absolutely love them), and The Originals.

Most people are always impressed by how I stick to my “diet” at work by eating my prepped meals. I will never veer off or feel the need to be tempted by donuts, takeout, or candy. Impressive right? haha. AT home is a different story. So what I need to do is plan for healthy options.

Here are my Personal Choices:

-Peanut Butter Trail Mix from Walmart:
-Plain Greek Yogurt Mixed with CoCo Whey from CTDsports (use ctdchrissy30 for 30% off)

-Whole Shelled Peanuts
-Rice Puff Cereal

-Oatmeal with Powdered Peanut Butter
-Rice Cakes with Peanut Butter
-Green Apple

These are some of my favorite snack options when I am getting that urge to eat. Enjoy !








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